Training, Expert

Training throughout France and abroad

This activity allows him to pass on his knowledge and passion to gardeners around the world. The training of landscape gardeners is structured around an educational project in real situation like the study and the creation of a pedagogic garden or a signature garden. Theoretical courses accompany the practical sessions so that the trainees can improve their knowledge and their practical skills in the field. Training is also delivered to those who love gardens.

Frédéric Faure, “Meilleur ouvrier de France”: “The art of gardening has a bright future in Mauritius”

Voted “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” in 2011 in the landscape gardening category, Frédéric Faure is currently in Mauritius. He was invited by Service à la Française (SAF). Over the past two weeks, he has facilitated a training workshop with fifteen gardeners from ESP Landscapers. Together, they have set up a garden in the premises of the company located in Moka. Frédéric Faure believes that the art of gardening has a bright future in Mauritius.