The garden holds an important place in our life and our home. It is a place where we like to feel good, rest or meet friends. It is necessary to bring to this space colours, smells, objects reflecting our personal desires so that we feel encouraged to improve it over time.


Presentation of Frédéric Faure

Frédéric Faure is Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011 for landscape gardening. He is an international expert and author of a book about gardens. He teaches in several schools specialised in landscaping in France. He founded his own company specialising in the creation of gardens in 1999 and since then, he has worked on many landscaping projects. Frédéric and Vincent Latapie are founding members of Service à la Française, an organisation dedicated to disseminating and promoting the know-how of French excellence internationally and whose operator based in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, manages the missions.


Study of garden projects

The study of the projects is supported by Frédéric Faure’s strong experience which he has acquired over the years. The garden is a place of conviviality, pleasures and exchanges with therapeutic benefits. He creates gardens that match your style / suit you best. An exterior design must be thought out and created as a space/room, a continuity of the house, a friendly place where you can welcome people and rest. Expert in tropical and European plants, Frédéric can create gardens in any part of the world. He not only has expertise in watering and electricity but he also carries out/conducts complementary/further studies on gardens; automatic watering systems, pumps and outdoor electrical system. The garden with its numerous design possibilities regroups a panel of knowledge and know-how in different fields, thus helping Frédéric to be more effective/perform better.

The projects are developed in several stages:

  • Before the project:

Exchanges and discussions with the client help to better understand his project and his desires and to respond precisely to the design of the garden tailored to his need by taking measurements and drawing sketches. Two or three options will be presented to enable the client to validate the customised project.

  • The Project:

Realisation of: Side plans, sections, CAD according to the projects, descriptions, detailed hand sketch and maintenance notebook.